Tuesday, December 16, 2014

After a long while (10+ years) of periodically checking for 2.75"/70mm throw sliders to fill the gaps on the Langevin AM301, I finally stumbled across an auction for unused Duncan Slidelines and decided to procure one for every channel.

Granted, these are 100K lin as opposed to 50K log, but this gives me an excuse to fumble around with changing the law via external resistor AND to finally dive into this unit.

Off with its face!

This explains some of the non-functional channels, some others have fader assemblies that are breaking apart (not pictured, yet).

Better oust these old electrolytics while I'm at it.

Here's a shot of the stock wiring.

Here's someone's mod, I guess. Dual gang to unify two channels across one fader? It does explain why there has been an empty slot staring back at me as long as I have owned this thing. Mind you, I don't think this "fix" is still functional. Was it ever?

The stems on these faders are slightly smaller than the stock Slidelines, meaning I will be going with another sort of cap (I know I mentioned seeking some red Rollo looking caps last time). Onward & upward.