Sunday, August 03, 2014

Playing at an outdoor fest next weekend and have wound up supplying the low frequency component of the PA system, which will be run by someone else. The last time the bins were cut loose outdoors this happened. Fortunately a while back I wound up with a PCB for a stereo 3 way crossover that appears to be based on the Linkwitz Riley circuit, so I decided to build it with crossover points of 40 and 120 Hz.

Of course, it would appear as if the capacitor type I had on hand with sufficient quantity (for matching) and value (1uf, to maintain a reasonable range for resistance) is a touch larger than original design...

...which led to something of a congested stuff.

I figure I can use the low range of <40 Hz to throw away subsonics (and audible stuff below the horn loading of my bass bins, sorry) in a live setting, and route that to CV stuff in a studio. Not saying I'll opt to shave deep lows in a recording atmosphere, don't be silly, it's just nice to have the ability to prune a branch in that manner.

Of course, if I REALLY like it, I may go crazy and build one with DOAs.