Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm slated to commence on a recording project this evening, so it's high time I get around to recapping the Langevin AM-301.

If anyone reading this has a spare couple of those red Rolo looking slider caps, I'm interested.

Another low parts count device, my favorite!

To the right is an upsized 33-50 (was a 25-25) CDE and 4.7-63 Spragues, but they are nigh on identical in appearance to the Nichicon caps in other values I procured. I miss the days of manufacturers celebrating their independence with unique and ugly colors (you know, when they made the stuff themselves..).

I decided to draw the line at recapping 4 (BEAD), retaining a pair of original (CF) and the pair of previously modified (HG, by an unknown tech at an unknown date) for comparative purposes. I've seen pictures of this mixer as a set, with EQ, limiting, etc, and am speculating that the traces that terminate at the end of the PCB can plug into additional modules (of which I sadly have none).

While the picture does not reflect this, I have recapped the master summing cards seen here. I have not yet messed with the 100-50 CDE Beavers, as to do that in a non-half-assed manner will entail actual disassembly (as opposed to actually reaching over and pulling open the flip up panel). I might be a lazy asshole and clip those caps out, loop the existing legs and install the new caps that way, but just typing that out made me cringe so that's probably unlikely. It will probably wait until I dig in to replace the channel 8 slider, unless malfunction forces me to tend to it immediately.

Power is single pole 48 volts DC. Makes it tempting to implement phantom power, though I could probably build up a small phantom power breakout box to piggyback that 6 pin Jones outlet with a lot less hassle and more ease of use. I do like the abbreviated "cue".

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'd love to say that during the past three weeks I have been neck deep in super secret R&D for fantastic contraptions forthcoming..

..but the fact of the matter is that I just can't get some parts to fit! Part listed as 8 by 11mm measures 11 by 22mm. I think I'll manage to squeeze it in there OK. I should manage some boring recap pics too in order to move along the content train.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bought a non-AI 135mm (roughly 200mm focal length adjusted for the DX sensor) at auction for what in my opinion amounts to a good deal. Of course, if I look at other Nikkor glass that is not in the 'fast' category, it also seems a really good value, so, I digress.

It's nice to have the bulk of metal and glass available. Paired up with a PK-3 macro extension I can play with a frightfully narrow depth of field, which will do wonders to reveal my clumsiness as a photographer.

Of course, preceding this, I had done a number on the condition of the sensor. Lint free cloth is your friend. I wound up following the procedure outlined at and attained satisfactory results.


Metal boxes.

The brass knocker is a full frame shot, illustrating the edges being free of phantom tentacles.


I also received my 1/2" 10tpi ACME tap yesterday, so hopefully I'll have more machine content soon enough.