Saturday, October 23, 2010

Traynor YBA3 Custom Special

This amp was in need of some attention. Caps had let loose in the power supply, spewing the contents of their guts everywhere. Depicted here is a first try at recapping, all these parts needed to go away. I also felt the need to put some proper size diodes in there, I think the pictured little blob was rated at 6 amps, my gut disagreed though (especially since SOMETHING had to have shown the bias supply filtering something that triggered that explosion)

Here's the original incarnation of the supply, complete with gunk, and wood chips. Honestly, I think the wood chips are my fault, I subjected this poor beast to some pretty sub par storage conditions while working up the gumption to dive in. The following shot is for those who don't think gunk (or saw dust) is worth the trouble to clean:

And, an after shot of sorts:

Of course, this is old news, I recapped this thing a year ago. I'm just paving a little here today, as it is visiting my bench again. See, this amp sits in the transition period between the two reasonably close schematics I can find on the web. It has become clear that my choice in reining in the bias when I processed the amp last is incorrect (or the JJ E34L are not up to the task). So my plan is to give it a more thorough going over which I will subject to this log.

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