Saturday, November 27, 2010

Forward momentum on the PA system has dwindled a bit, one week and counting. It's more or less sorted and ready to fall into place, I'll probably trickle photo essay on the amp stacks out for a while.

In other news, I've bowed to the compulsion of grabbing some ailing multi-tracks out of storage and see what I can do for them. This being a FAR cheaper way of going about an analog capture of rehearsals than open reel tape, which is forced by means of economics to be serious recording only (at least in my world).

Up today is a Fostex 250. I think this may be the first cassette multi-track offering by Fostex, though I cannot be sure. I believe this hails from 1981 or 2, and it's not one to be dropped on your foot. (edit: a sticker at the bottom places "date purchased" at 10-18-1984)

First visual indicates the knobs have been plucked, minor irritant. This deck was in the same salvage operation as the Heil 400 power amp discussed previously, so I'm not complaining.

Channel 3 VU isn't homing to zero, hopefully this is a simple mechanical fix. I did power the unit up and run signal through all four channels, at first only meter 2 registered. I proceeded to slam the channels a little one by one and got all meters to respond normally once they'd been pegged once. I'm still holding optimism that the electronics are more or less OK on this.

Transport only responds to FF and RW, play and stop are ignored. Since stop is ignored I'm thinking this may be oxidized crud at the switches and not failed rubber (if it hasn't failed yet it is surely ready to do so), record ready seems to function along with arming and disarming each track. So, logic appears responsive. I'm going to examine the rubber and see what I can do in terms of sourcing it (there's a heap of machines needing transport care, so you'll see a lot of disassembly before we find the mother lode of rubber bits to make us happy).

If the survival of a marketing sticker on the face of this didn't clue you in to the relative lack of wear this unit has seen, that head shot should. I'm hoping the gut shot we see once the case is cracked is just as pristine.


babyjacob said...

Hi, I also have a Fostex 250. I fired it up (after many years idle) and belt snapped. Do you know how I can source a new belt?


crochambeau said...

Pretty sure this is going to fall into the "measure it & contact belt suppliers while hoping for the best" category. I haven't cracked mine open to see if there are remains of the belt or not, otherwise I'd offer up my dimensions to assist.

That said, I did just buy a random belt pack from electronics goldmine, they also carry a more diverse collection that I probably should have bought in the first place, so I have the inspiration to open these up and see if I can drop anything in.