Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After yesterday's foray into the potential use of an abnormally large IC it only seems proper to consider this beast.

Analog Devices ADC12QM, a 12 bit analog to digital converter posed with standard 8 DIP IC for scale. This part has seem some better days, the pins sort of creating a still life of a centipede in motion.

I'm something of a Luddite in that I haven't fully embraced the digital standard as my shepard, so my comprehension of this may not be 100% accurate. This looks like a direct conversion ADC with a parallel array of bits ordered from least to most significant. Something I could feed directly into a resistor ladder DAC to return to the analog domain.

Since this particular IC may have been damaged in the bumpy road that was the final days of Northwest Electronics Surplus, I intend on building the supporting circuitry and hoping for the best. If this doesn't deliver there are other ICs that offer similar LSB to MSB pin out, though I may have to live without the huge package.

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