Friday, December 31, 2010

The dryer is my auxiliary work bench.

Burning in the recapped Princeton with the variable AC/DC power supply I spoke of a while back.

I'm excited about the ammeter on the front panel, makes me wish this unit was good for more than 1-2.25 amps (doubt I'll push it beyond the range of the panel meter). The only modification I exercised on the unit was removal of the 10 watt 150 ohm resistor strapping the DC output jacks. It would heat up CONSIDERABLY at a fraction of the range I will be using.

As far as I can tell, the reason it was there in the first place was to drain off stored charge in the capacitors, as they don't have resistors to drain voltage when powered off. I'd rather install a high value resistor across the cap itself as opposed to keeping the low value space heater hanging off the front panel.

My plan for the immediate future is to process a few unknown amps and form up a component shopping list to exact repairs.

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