Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's dig into this Sruthi Madhavi drone box.

...or, if you rather, the Sruti Madhavi.

I guess I can no longer honestly say I live beyond the touch of auto tune.

My main idea here is to replace the power cable with something that will fit local wall outlets. Also considering replacing the voltage selector switch with a rocker that, when engaged on the 220v leg of the power transformer will feed all inboard electronics with ~50% voltage. Instant starve switch, since I live in the land of 120 volts.

Gutshot indicates a few things:
A) Output is by speaker only. I'll keep the speaker, but will install a switch to select a transformer coupled output as well.
B) There's no fuse on the AC input, yet.
C) The largely wooden construction offers little in the way of RF shielding, not a concern at the moment, I'll address this only if it becomes a problem.
D) I have some room to work in what will soon be a decommissioned battery compartment.

DIY builders take note! Mounting for the printed circuit board is a thing of beauty, the arms slide into these slots and when the case is closed hold everything securely. Simple and elegant. When the top is removed everything can simply slide out to the point at which the front panel wiring goes taut, which is far enough that board level repairs could take place if needed.

Presuming of course that we could identify a malfunctioning part through in circuit testing alone. I seem to have misplaced my product data for the 8 pin variant of "11". All ICs are similarly scuffed of identifying markings, though I can make out a couple 5s on this chip. Wouldn't find it surprising at all if this turns out to be a 555 based oscillator.

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