Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh man. I've been using my recent (extremely sparse) downtime not to achieve progress, but to assess projects that have commenced and have not yet been completed. Specifically synthesizer related builds. With the exception of tacking on a few SMT package RAM for the WTPA sampler build, I haven't set a single bead of solder for synthesis in the year 2010. Heinous.

Here's my mostly populated Elby ASM-2 build. I need to do a few quick changes to the power supply branch since it'll be fed from an external regulated supply instead of providing its own, then it's mostly populating ICs, tacking in the odd transistor and installing tempcos.

Other mostly built circuits that are suffering from neglect:
Klee sequencer.
SN voice.
CGS wavefolder
CGS psycho LFO
and, IIRC some Buchla clone stuff.

I pretty much deadlocked progress due to my panel design. I have a very specific plan of attack and pushed the project aside to focus on the CNC build, reasoning that with the CNC I could then execute every aspect of the build in house (well, besides the PCBs which were premanufactured and all the components if'n you want to get technical). Due to consistent delays on the CNC front, I'm rethinking my approach and the revised plan is to draft everything up to the .dxf myself, then have the metal cut and milled by the professionals. Otherwise I fear you'll be reading a very similar post a year from now.

So I'm making the command decision to refamiliarize myself with these projects, source remaining odd-ball parts, lay-out vector drawings and hone my CAD skills into something more than horrible. Uphill battle, but at least there's a trace of a path to take.

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