Saturday, January 22, 2011

I hope you like yellow.

Huge round of thanks to BLOODSON DRIFTER for dropping this CONTROL CONSOLE case on me. This this is full of its original parts and a bunch of circuit boards from an Elka organ that I'll cover some other day.

Part of MC-1 MAG. COMP. CAL. SET, "modified", which at this point is absolutely accurate. Built by Sperry Rand to Mil Spec C-26524, which I think has to do with the ruggedization of the case. This appears to have been surveyor equipment.

Gutted is a form of modification. The panel as pictured is downside up from original positioning, evidently the original purpose was facilitated by having the lid swing out toward the operator. My thinking is that this case is appropriate for a synthesizer build, but only with the panel positioned as seen. That's for another day though (eh, it'll take a bit longer than that), time to dig through the contents and see what's here.

Most of the stacked switches bear the manufacturing mark of "CINEMA PLANT/HI-Q DIV", a date code sitting somewhere in the latter half of 1965 and a part number. From left to right the part numbers are: 65054, 65062, 65059, 65061, 65060 & 65060.

This frame illustrates the construction of the switch/attenuator with a little more clarity.

Part numbers: (ASSY) 2587148, (ASSY) 2587148, (ASSY) 2587201 & (ASSY) 2587201. The two assemblies on the left carry transformers, the two on the right are mainly comprised of a "MOTOR GENERATOR" coupled to a multi-turn pot through a series of gears that substantially step down motor RPM. The motor appears to be set up for 33 volts at 400 hz AC, 28oz inch at 9500 RPM; the generator providing 26 volts. It'll take a pretty low Z signal for the 2500 ohm potentiometer to deliver acceptable results as a VCA (A standing for Attenuator). Perhaps VCP would be a better term?

Part numbers: (ASSY) 2587953 & 65063 (the part pictured above in the close up). Assembly on the left delivers the visual indicators of Degrees & Minutes and carries a multipin connector for interfacing to other equipment. That assembly occupied the large rectangular hole in the panel, for which I have other ideas.

Part numbers: (ASSY) 2587200, (ASSY) 2587200, 65059 & K650937 (Branded "TECHLAB"). It would seem reasonable that there would be active electronics in this thing at one point or another. A few GE transistors collared into place (preventing positive ID), some decent caps and what appear to be more transformers.

Current thinking in respect to this enclosure and panel is building some fundamental tube synthesizer circuits onto the panel (probably a mix of classic circuits and some Barbour circuits as found at CGS), and utilizing the generous space on the interior of the case for a solid power supply that will support numerous outboard modules as well. Just brainstorming at this point in time.

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