Monday, January 03, 2011

Well, discouraged by the relative success of yesterday I plucked an ugly one from the pile, a Kasino U200P Concert powered mixer.

When exhumed from the bad amp room this one was just the chassis, I made the connection to Kustom (kind of hard not to) and imagined this in tuck & roll. Doing a quick google search on the Kasino line, I quickly learned that they were not tuck & roll, which further led to the realization that I had the tolex enclosure on hand already.

Initial inspection got this far, so, I've got some work to do before this thing has the opportunity to entertain me with sparks. I'm bummed that this two conductor power cable is long gone, as I like to turn them into speaker cables.

In the event shearing off the power cable at the chassis isn't deterrent enough, the hot line to the switch has also been plucked.

Here's some gut-shot, lower left is a channel input board. Most of the component date codes are situated in the middle of 1971.

Output driver board on back over output devices hanging off the bottom; I'm guessing the PCB on the bottom panel at lower left is channel summing and reverb support.

Surface rust is evident, indicating the condition of interconnects may be in need of attention.

Nothing says class like embossed label plates.

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