Thursday, February 17, 2011

February is turning into a bad month for progress on the repair/build front.

When I first secured this blog (sometime in 2006) my intent was to review some of the repurposed equipment I use. I shot that idea down, so as to avoid tempting the rarity index from pushing these devices into a price bracket beyond my means. ((I realize that notion hinges on enough people actually giving a shit about what I do, but I feel it's a forgivable cautious motivation none the less)) So, this page lay dormant for a while until the repair log theme surfaced; meanwhile it would seem as if holding my enthusiasm at bay did nothing to ward off the upward creep in value of these units I enjoy working with.

I'm still a bit wary, though as tooling (slowly) progresses to the point at which scratch manufacturing of these systems is possible, I foresee a more forthcoming flow of information. Free information is what divides us from the animals.

There also remains the notion of trade secret, espoused by the protective artist. That with knowledge of the ingredients, one's edge or advantage is lost. I've more or less crawled beyond that juvenile framework upon which so many have hung a delusional veneer of originality to conceal the regurgitated processes within. In short, different people produce different compositions when seated at a given set-up, assuming of course that said set-up has the inherent potential to overstep the ruts carved by one trick ponies.

Naturally, I mean none of my marginally vitriolic language above to be focused on any one individual or group, why give such individuals weight with which to work? No, universal truths should be shared by all, equally. The balance of beneficial and detrimental facts being an oft times ugly meter of the position of things. Reality, if you prefer..


r said...

"A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. "

Oscar Wilde

You paint an engaging narrative.

MKULTRA said...

Needs more Death Metal Pedal......