Monday, May 02, 2011

Perhaps I should change the running title to "broken stuff" instead of "machine log", especially since most of what I focus on isn't technically machinery in the first place. Nah.

Here's a GenRad 1390a noise generator.

The power switch was already sheared when I bought it, and being a three position rotary wafer it will not be as simple as slapping a SPST in there.


Here's the heart of the noise generator, a 6D4 in a magnetic field, sort of the tube era equivalent of a lifted collector. Okay, not really a firm parallel there, but work with me here.

I think this unit saw some service, as there are a few thermal stains on the chassis. I'm pretty sure the shake and bake coating on this cap has more to do with a "sticky" shell picking up airborne debris than heat, but the airborne material was probably agitated by the heat and magnetic charge of the powered device to begin with.

More selenium, which reminds me I have a backlog of simple surgeries to perform with no excuse..

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