Sunday, July 10, 2011

100th post!

Here's the first official [view] release in a while:

Control_Valve is a good and growing online repository for concise experimental/noise works, and it's pink.

Here's a direct link to the zipped release ctrl_vlv_027 in the event time has passed and I've fallen off the front page: ZIP file download package ...because, naturally, this is all about me.

In other news, I've noticed a lot of traffic revolving around specific mixing console search terms. It occurs to me that a mixer shoot out would be a worthwhile endeavor, but in the same moment it occurs to me that there are practically infinite variables that work against such a collection. The root idea was just A/Bing preamps with something along the lines of an SM-7 hung in front of a tube amp and not moved between takes, at which point the logistics of it begin to take a slide. On the whole, the entire process sounds like a pain in the ass, unless I'm at the point in which I've already got several serviced mixing desks hooked up. This will happen, but it's going to take some time.

Sort of like my languishing ring modulator comparison library project.

Maybe I'm just bitter because my recent parts order has been loaded on a truck for delivery for over 24 hours now and I know I will not receive it until tomorrow at earliest (probably the worst day of the week on the getting stuff done scale).

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