Saturday, August 20, 2011

More broken speakers pushing into the pipeline.

I was cleaning out the van today, and happened across this driver I have been meaning to take a picture of. A Jensen C15-L hailing from the 20th week in 1970 (near as I can figure) that spent some time loaded in the folded W horns of my PA system.

I recall the performance of this driver as being particularly good in the bin, capable of pushing an authoritative bass note that numbed the skull. As it happened, I was supplying sound for an outdoor party several years back, and did not have appropriate limiting on the low end.

I was, of course, well aware that low end in an outdoor environment is essentially lost in relation to the very steep enclosure reinforcement we're used to hearing, so I didn't push the levels of the lows. Sadly, it didn't matter. A beat box vocalist laid down serious LF excursion with the plosive burst bass notes, and I had nothing high passing subsonics, basically paving the way to the condition we see here.

I believe once the over excursion separated the cone from the voice coil, further current passing through the speaker welded everything together. It's looking like a 2 inch coil, and I expect to see BBQ country once I crack the shell on it, which may be a while, considering...

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