Sunday, October 23, 2011

Huge stretch of images ahead.

So a friend, who will remain nameless in these chronicles unless he (that's the only hint you'll get) wishes to be named, has been keeping an eye on an equipment recycling drop point near his beaten path. Occasionally something of interest or use appears, and if we're quick it is harvested (as opposed to recycled). I stand by my position that reuse is more efficient than recycling; and, for the record, I understand we are sanctioned to harvest materials from this point - just don't ask me for my papers.

Anyhow, word of some transformers passed along the wire so I grabbed the van to do some picking. Amidst the pile of stuff was this decommissioned Rigaku something or other, which, in addition to the 5U modular frames which were admittedly the eye catching aspect is built upon a very well constructed steel frame.

Very solid and as far as I can tell, pretty precise in terms of a level plane up top. This has become my first choice in base for the languishing CNC build, effectively putting a bit of wind in my sails.

Current line of thought is to put the computer in the lower 5U rack bay (which faces the fan panel to left) and build or rehouse the 24 volt linear power supply for the stepper motors in the top bay. I believe both my large rack mount PSU are too tall to simply slide into the case as is, but measurement will be double checked before I go much further.

The 5U frames are just the icing on the cake.

Here's some of the stuff pulled from the frames...

Backplane connection buss.

Socketed solid state relays.

Headers on the back side of this.

This all hails from 1992.


Curious if the liberal use of ADC means analog to digital converter, might be some fun stuff socketed in here.

Those black-dip parts claim to produce 250 Vac from 5 Vdc. Perhaps some day I'll put that claim to test.

Through hole logic central. Guess that statement can apply to most of these boards.

I'm happy a fair margin of these ICs are socketed.

Some contained switching supplies pulled from the unit (not counting the ones in the PSU box still installed in the frame as seen above). A couple 5A +5, a 2.8A +5/0.5A -5/0.5 A +12 and a 7A +24. One of the potted 250 Vac 10A mains noise filters seen to the right will wind up in my Tektronix R 556 (if it will fit), since I've been dragging my feet on procuring that part. Thinking the +5 supplies will be a workable foundation to a Lunetta type build.

Which brings me to this. Digital logic ICs from 1977.

Also amidst the wiring in the Rigaku were this cool AC mains wires.

Oh yeah, transformers. That's what lured me out in the first place.

C core power transformers, some (most) of which have multi-tapped primary windings labelled 200-210-220 volts. At least one of these will be wired up as a non isolated step down transformer providing a 115 and a 110 tap from the 120 volt mains supply for my older tubed equipment built for 110-117 volts. Such fine tuning of the wall supply will prolong tube and component life.

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