Monday, December 26, 2011

So as not to sow the idea that I'm of the opinion logo design met with universal deterioration as the years rolled by:

I like the embellishments that occurred in the 12 years since the 93-350 amp was built.

I present the Allied Knight KN3050HD. I love the look of this amp, functional. The black on the enclosure is spray paint which was applied in a less than perfect manner, original coloring was similar to the dark turquoise section of the lower control set.

Don't sit on your sheet metal amplifiers! Left to right: 5V3, two 6CA7 and a quartet of 12AX7; hiding behind the cardboard wrapped multisection can cap is a 6AV6.

I think I did this in the late 1990s with the intent of lodging a 1/4" jack in that hole. I hate looking at my half baked ideas from over a decade ago poorly (or in this case, not) executed, hopefully 15 years from now I'll look back on what I'm doing these days with a sense of pride. Otherwise all is lost (HAHAHAHAHAHA).

Top shot speaks of less than optimal living conditions, can't play the patina card on this one - we've shot into rust territory.

From the front this amp is quite approachable by the pedestrian operator, more complex configuration is tucked away in the set & forget realm of the rear.

Guts! Feature set similar to the Bogen M60A, but a little more open & inviting.

Here's where the spray paint causes problems, masking a sheet of paper isn't difficult. Thankfully the schematic is still legible, though marginally presentable. Since I can read it I'm not going to mess with cleaning it up.

Somewhat blurry, but this too is readable. High tech date code.

All in all, the interior looks good. Hum balance pot above shows the trace has separated from its backing, but it looks serviceable none the less.

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