Monday, February 20, 2012

Grabbed some weathered & rusty sheet rems today. Only proper to put the brake through its paces.

1st box bent. 2x4x0.75", seems a fitting enclosure to a LPB-1 clone, really can't have too many of those around. I'm really not trying to embrace the steam-punk look, but I'm not NOT trying to look like steam-punk enough to deny that knob, I foresee occasions, due largely in part to my methods and materials, that the steam-punk aesthetic will be a basis for comparison. In much the same way my oils are steeped in comparison to Jackson Pollock. Best to not be bothered with it.

1st box has some pretty organic lines, the corner stresses do contribute to this.

Pre-punching the corners with a small drill on the second box really hit the spot.

The second box may house the SN Voice I haven't completed in far too long. The variety of knobs are there to fuel my thinking in regards to which way I want to go. If I had eleven of the one at lower right I would be set! My line of thinking is to route a wood plank base to drop the metal enclosure on, end ears will be cut longer in the (near stage) future to sink into slots cut into the wood, which will tie into hardware holding everything together.

Measures in at roughly 9.5x4x1". I did take to hammering a bit which takes away a bit from the crispness of the lines. Once I get the primary bends sorted I will work in tab bends to clean everything up, that said, I am liking the Mad Max look..

I wound up with enough metal stock to bang out roughly sixteen of the smaller enclosure and eight of the larger for $4.50 US. Economical build tactics.

Not a whole lot going on in here yet. I will be experimenting with double bent sides shortly.

Looks like I have a good reason to really start thinking about a DIY spot welder. I have some iron that could probably be rewound to provide for the sort of current required (yes, I realise that rust has to go before that's really a doable thing).

Another design tactic I need to sort out is how to retain the patina without the mess. I like the rust...

I can fully appreciate why others may not.


krivx said...

Very impressive! Have you worked out a way to attach a lid yet?

crochambeau said...

Thanks! The avenue of thought I'm currently following has these as the lid, with a tab/receiver to tie into a base made of wood. To tie a metal lid/base would entail a level of precision I have yet to meet, headed there, still working up my chops.