Friday, February 17, 2012

Not a whole lot to show for right now.

Somewhat major streamlining & redesign going on with the CNC build project due to a more in depth level of milling than I had previously planned for.

Over all build quality is looking to go up while material consumption (at least on the framework) is looking to decrease.

Of course, nearing completion on one stage just paves the way to contemplation of the next.

I recall at one point thinking the DIY route to a milling machine would prove the most inexpensive path.

What I had not fully taken into account is that when buying something one piece at a time, the climbing cost of incremental increases of quality is less immediately apparent.

Having drawn that qualitative line in the sand, holding to anything less seems foolish; but for a production push the potential reflected costs of the remaining elements are a factor I cannot overlook. In so far as this is an educational experience, the bang for the buck ratio remains pleasantly generous.


MKULTRA said...

Where are the pictures featuring the blood?

MKULTRA said...

Where are the pictures featuring the blood?

crochambeau said...

We managed to avoid drawing blood. I'll introduce more beer into the equation and see if I can up the entertainment factor... HAH

icepick method said...

I'm lazy and easily frustrated so i just bought a turnkey Taig setup. Consciously trying not to turn into one of those cnc tool fetishists who hotrods their manual mill just to make more tools to hotrod their mill some more.

crochambeau said...

"The bigger the magnet, the bigger the haul. The bigger the haul, the bigger the magnet!" - Megavolt

Pretty much the cyclical path I'm sliding towards...