Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bought a non-AI 135mm (roughly 200mm focal length adjusted for the DX sensor) at auction for what in my opinion amounts to a good deal. Of course, if I look at other Nikkor glass that is not in the 'fast' category, it also seems a really good value, so, I digress.

It's nice to have the bulk of metal and glass available. Paired up with a PK-3 macro extension I can play with a frightfully narrow depth of field, which will do wonders to reveal my clumsiness as a photographer.

Of course, preceding this, I had done a number on the condition of the sensor. Lint free cloth is your friend. I wound up following the procedure outlined at and attained satisfactory results.


Metal boxes.

The brass knocker is a full frame shot, illustrating the edges being free of phantom tentacles.


I also received my 1/2" 10tpi ACME tap yesterday, so hopefully I'll have more machine content soon enough.

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