Saturday, July 28, 2012

I have been remiss in updates, and there is oh so much to talk about, but for the moment I'm going to just fast forward over all the other stuff to yesterday.

When a yard sale just up the street sold me this 70 pound, 300 lumen CRT projector hailing from 1987. I present the Kloss VideoBeam 3000! Yes, that is a standard width doorway in the background.

29 Kv according to this fine brochure which is worth looking at for pictures alone.

Input block is impressive, and I am elated at the RGB plus sync block, as this thing (if it works) will see permanent studio installation for video manipulation (it's probably too underpowered and heavy to serve any other purpose).

Input block is built on a mother/daughter board type configuration. Everything large enough that circuitry work isn't some mind numbing prospect.

I only pulled one card, and this is what I saw..

Fixed it! Hahahaha, I had toyed with the idea of firing this thing up once the cobwebs and mouse shit were removed from the innards, but now I feel compelled to pull all boards and spot check obvious failures before doing anything rash.

Plus, the longer it's opened the less pronounced the lingering smell of cat piss will be.


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