Saturday, December 22, 2012

Took in the new Baktun with some long overdue recording yesterday.

I'm still not clear of the underbrush in regards to the Otari, but it performed very well on tracks 3 & 4 yesterday, proving that continued hammering is warranted. But, this post is not about the tape machine.. in setting up to record I decided to utilize the long neglected Eventide H3000. I discovered forthwith the fact that the soft keys had entered into the realm of unresponsiveness, robbing me of the ability to edit patches and really use the instrument.

That simply would not do. Guts up.

I have some number of gaps in memory, as in the manual references patch programs at certain numbers that for all intents are inaccessible on this machine. Seeing as how I can still construct whatever I want, I'm ignoring that right now. The H3000 sounds good, and is a capable effector (honestly, if the digital vs analog sound quality debate comes up I'll point to this thing as the STFU card, and I am of analog bias). Anyway, I'm not here to talk about the selective memory either.

I just find it interesting that ROM doesn't fit the socket, and am curious about the empty socket to the right. No matter...

When I bought this it was inoperable. It would power up briefly, then the relays would click into bypass and everything dimmed out. The cause of this was the plug depicted here. Addressing conductivity at this connector brought the unit back to life. So yeah, I'm always on the lookout for rack mount Eventide gear that exhibits those symptoms, even though I just gave away the thousand dollar fix.

Anyway, back to the soft keys. Pull the bottom cover and this is the access. Spray liberally with residue free contact cleaner while tapping the switch. Allow complete evaporation, reassemble & enjoy your fully responsive instrument!


MKULTRA said...

No bucket brigade devices, ha-ha you suck.

crochambeau said...

Hahaha, I believe there's a BB in the TOA mixer front and center. I'll see your bucket brigade and raise you a passive LC network.