Sunday, May 05, 2013

Slow year so far on the repair/build front. I guess slow is the wrong term, disjointed.

It has actually been pretty busy, I just haven't got a lot to show for it just yet.

Anyway, I had deep sixed my Roland D-110 about ten years back because it started to power reset itself at inconvenient moments and generally became wholly unreliable.

That problem was remedied by reseating all the ribbon connectors.

Memory had also became shot, which has been corrected with a fresh CR2032 in the clip. Unfortunately, when memory goes into a void, everything seems to be reset to the parameter setting least likely to produce sound, so I have to run through and change just about everything in order to get a starting point.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can just data dump factory presets. Sort of takes the magic out of scratch building the sounds. Cheating. I'm now hunting for the long neglected PG-10 to assist in ground up construction of the algorithms.

So yeah, poor thing sat for ages awaiting a ten minute fix.

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krivx said...

Is that an r core power transformer? Swank.