Friday, December 13, 2013

Above my racks in the studio I have some old light bar lamps that have the sockets wired up in series. This is to achieve two aims: a nice mild illumination that allows me to see while not being bright and extended useful service life of the incandescent bulbs.

At least, extended (my intent was indefinite) life span was part of the idea. Turns out having a bunch of bulbs overhanging the rack provides temptation to hang cables. Mind you, light bulbs are not load bearing. This one remained illuminated for about 10 seconds after the glass fell away. I was about to grab the camera when it flared out into what you see here.

No more using conveniently placed lightbulbs as cable hangers for me! Happy Friday.

In other news, I'll be gigging the reverb unit tomorrow, so I expect I should have some "I'm finished!" content soon.

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