Thursday, October 28, 2010

After assigning permissions and editing the virtual registry of my simulated windows machine (in wine, so I'll name it Drunk) I've successfully launched Google SketchUp 8 in Ubuntu. The following is a screenshot of a rough (and partial) render of the plotted gantry:

I'll spend the next few coffee soaked mornings drafting dimensionally correct components and fitting them together.

I had the good fortune to play with an early 70s PAiA modular last night, it fortified some of my ideas about future builds. Mainly, the elusive aspect of personality. I aim to harness a reproducible approach that emulates aged and failing parts without the sense of impending doom.

On the guts front, here's a couple shots of my 1973 Fender Princeton (queued up for a recap).

When I bought it there was some serious anaemic distortion going on. As it turned out, the ground reference to the phase inverter had lifted. I'm hoping for some robust distortion after recap and a little tube rolling.

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