Friday, October 29, 2010

It would appear (at least in my convoluted install/current rung on the learning curve) that the precision capabilities of SketchUp are somewhat limited, though being able to confirm my visualizations and having drawings upon which to base further visualization is well worth the quirks. I've executed reasonably correct renderings of the actual metal and finished dimensions of the gantry framework. Omitted (in addition to all linear movement components) are the end caps that will assist in rigidity and provide for motor and screw mounting.

Homage to TRON:

I doubt I'm going to wind up rendering the entire machine in 3D, since I can't use the files for anything other than eye candy. So expect some really boring 2D CAD stuff in the future.

Speaking of eye candy, here's a gutshot of the oscillator bank in a Baldwin 45 organ. This picture amounts to being essentially gratuitous since the Baldwin 45 is really, really low on my to-do list. I do really like their approach at the voltage buss (seen at bottom) though, one of the grey area aspects to a tubed modular.

I've sort of committed myself to guts or gear pics with each post, so while I'm busy on the data entry side of things I'll continue to dig up more or less random shots from the archives. I expect some actual current electronics shots soon.

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