Saturday, October 30, 2010

I built a shelving unit today. I'm sure this seems like a boring topic, so let me reiterate how absolutely excited I am about this. Here's a before picture of my bench, as of this afternoon:

This essentially depicts the conditions of my dedicated workshop, and for the past couple months the nearest thing to a bench I've had is the living room or laundry room floor. This must end. Of course, it entailed erecting a framework in conditions similar to what you see on the bench.

This shot reveals the sort of narrow passage I'm faced with between the workbench and what will be the actual audio laboratory. Evidenced by this picture is a heap of lost floor space. I should add that the used shelving unit I procured is 12 feet tall, in addition to being 8 feet wide and 2 deep, the 12 foot aspect pushed me up into the rafter space.

I've situated the uppermost shelf rather close to the (imaginary) ceiling plane, which will result in an out of the way staging area for miscellaneous junk and chassis that I don't want totally buried, but absolutely do want out of the way. It's almost embarrassing how much shit I have that falls into this category.

Fast and dirty prestaging. The lower space is designed to be tall enough to allow passage of my rolling racks, allowing extraction for live shows.

The bench, while far from being usable, is already looking a lot more inviting.

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