Monday, February 28, 2011

How do you blow a five amp fuse while something is off, and has been powered off for a while?

I don't know, hopefully I'll find out. Otherwise I'm sort of dead in the water. But yeah, getting a little ahead of myself here. I tore down the rack as built since it was sort of tip happy with the bulk of the 556 bolted in.

Flowers anyone?

Not as nice as having it bolted directly to the floor, but stable enough to freestand the populated rack.

Repositioning everything in order to bolt in a rack that can carry the weight of the 556 during installation (and removal).

Alignment has become a bit off, three screws in.

Anyway, I fired the scope up, pulled up four traces and, having nothing to measure powered it back down again. Half hour later the lights in the house dim briefly while the distinguished sound of arcing occurs. One of the mains fuses has opened on the scope.

Of course, I can't look at it while it's bolted in (without contortion, anyway), so out it will come, again. Thinking about a decent lightweight solid state scope at the moment.


pearshapedhuman said...

Stuff breaking down is bad enough, big heavy clumsy stuff breaking down is hell.

I suspect a lot of "boat anchor" gear really have found their way to the bottom of some deep drink, thanks to the energy required to fix them.

I have an untested 2213 you're welcome to cart off if you want it. Light as a feather.

crochambeau said...

I think I'll take you up on the 2213 offer, be nice to have something portable on hand.

Yeah, it is a workout, I just find the scale so comforting compared to the modern subminiature stuff.