Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter, with its cooler temperatures, has chased me away from the uninsulated hell hole that is supposed to be my bench. I picked up an open frame server rack earlier this week, allowing vertical orientation of junk in the utility room (a welcome change).

With the inclusion of my scope, I can proceed with a bit more power in some of these piled up projects. However, with something in the neighborhood of 100 pounds hanging 24 inches out the ass end of this piece of equipment, my attempt at an installation pictured here has become little more than a mock-up. I need to tear this down and fortify the base (which is being helped on the balancing act by tube amps and bungee cords) in order to reach a comfortable level of structural integrity.

Atop the dual beam scope (each "side" being loaded with dual trace preamps for four simultaneous traces on the screen) are a General Radio 1192 and a Heathkit IB-1101 frequency counters. I look forward to deploying real tools again, and hope this will fertilize these chronicles.

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