Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Looking at yesterday's thumbnail format stretch artifacts is like bludgeoning my tired eyes with a dirty sock full of semi-liquid smelly cheese, so I'm going to push the envelope on my quality vs quantity check valve in an attempt to make those blurry images fall off the front page.

Brute force once again takes first chair at the opportunity to fine tune, forgive me, juggling computer code does not represent the satisfaction of hitting my thumb with a hammer.

About two years ago I spied an old tube radio on craigslist for a price I couldn't pass up. It's an old push-pull 813 that has seen better days. Having no intent to invest a large chunk of time to jump through the FCC hoops required to operate on the AM bands, and given the condition of the unit at the moment I'm thinking more along the lines of repurposing the enclosure, and reusing the salvageable parts.

Rats nest wiring.

Dusty 813s and tuning capacitors.

I remain fascinated with the notion of having a go at cloning a Fairchild compressor (well, two, for stereo) and keep being reminded of that fact when I look at this thing.

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