Friday, May 13, 2011

The path of progress.

Cut some passages in the heap of junk yesterday, more to come. The attempt at a bench in the laundry area hasn't met with the success I had hoped for, so it's back to making this space viable.

Looooong way to go, but being able to access all the corners is a good step.

Floor! It's there. Really. Behind some of that stuff.

I also seemed to have been focusing on a plane either nearer or farther from the subject matter, so blowing those shots up is bound to disappoint. HAH!

Certainly looks the part of the hoarder, but incoming has trickled down to almost nothing. One pending/maybe sort of acquisition, then it will only be the truly rare finds of the sort that find me to add into the pile.


Bajams said...

Wow...interesting write up log.... thanks for that.. I am looking for a marine transmitter (Marconi) for my Marconi Radio Room at my mum's house in Malta.. any help please?

Bajams said...

I Love the "Junk Room" in the last pics.... where is that?

crochambeau said...

Hi Bajams! Sadly no Marconi in my collection. That room is (was) in the state of Oregon, I no longer occupy that particular building, though the collection remains (and I'd like to think it's a little more organized at this point, hahaha).

Bajams said...

Hi crochambeau,
Thanks for that Sir. I enjoyed your log anyway.. bit by bit you get it all sorted .. cheers and regards