Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Took part in an organ grinding party last weekend.

Wurlitzer 4373, the organ donor.

Not really a whole lot to it, the disassembly that is. Most (if not all) console organs were built by hand, which is a boon to disassembly as it can be achieved with simple hand tools and minimal destruction. Pictured above are some sections of the Orbit synthesizer that was being extracted prior to tossing the rest into a rendering pot.

I picked up most of the remaining mash, including woodwork which was promptly flattened into as close an approximation of sheet stock as I could muster with minimal fuss. Included in this heap of discrete transistor constructions was the above contained circuit, sealed away from curious fingers. The ICs are marked "X", Google isn't being very helpful regarding coughing up a datasheet. I'm guessing it's a high frequency circuit based on tuning cap and that weave of wire, which probably exhibits just enough capacitance for that shape to be meaningful.

I love looking at this. I'd hate to have to work on it (more than I have to, what with some of these old mixers hanging about) so it's a lot easier to plunder guilt free.

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