Monday, November 28, 2011

High time I crawl through this Vortexion Type 6+2/S.M. vacuum tube mixer.

Early stereo, with six inputs for left channel & two for the right channel. I've toyed with the idea of routing the top & bottom four channels to each output, but this is another one fated for the live & let live pile for now. I'll consider butchery (sung to the tune of realigned signal wires) once it's up and running.

1/4" phone inputs & outputs, not much confusion here.

This input jack gave birth to some sort of insect. It's number 1!

Gutshot, underside. Clean and simple layout.

Innards, topside. Clean and simple continues to spill over.

EF86 pentodes performing signal amplification duties.

Leaking electrolytic, courtesy of mid century Hunts Capacitors. Not surprising after half a century.

Closest thing to a date code I could find, 13th week of 1957 it would appear.

At the time of this pic, I had been considering ousting the OE Bulgin power jack, which will require an input connector for the pictured Nanaboshi NCS series connector that was harvested from the Rigaku salvage. This would require enlarging the hole, but since this is a 240 volt mains device, a special power cable is in order anyway. However, while I haven't busted out the datasheet & caliper to confirm, it would appear tat the as stock mains inlet is a Bulgin PX0429, which will accept either the PX0430/SE (right angle) or PX0646. So, in short, buying a new end for a cable I'll have to make anyway is highly preferable to executing metalwork on vintage gear.


krivx said...

Alternatively, drop-in IEC replacements are available for Bulgin connectors.

crochambeau said...

Cool, I wasn't aware of those. I'd have to build a cable anyway since my IEC cables are all fitted to our lower voltage mains connectors, and I'm not feeling reckless enough to supply 220-240 volts to a NEMA 5-15 outlet.

I'll go the sentimental route and stay with period correct connectors, assuming the Bulgin PX0646 (only version currently in stock at Mouser) is a fit.