Friday, January 13, 2012

Somewhere, along the timeline of human history, Friday the 13th acquired a bad rap. I've decided to celebrate this periodic calendar event with pictures of broken stuff.

Cut short, in their prime.

I tacked on the mood lit AC-8 not because it is broken (superstitiously touches wood.. hahaha) but as a counter balance to the sorry tubes above. I also need to dig up four more bayonet mount 30 volt miniature lamps.

Such subservience to superstition illustrates the fact that by and large, we are all essentially overgrown children. I dream of a day in which a critical ratio of the population breaks out of that stifling shell and we can move toward self sufficiency and betterment in a reasonably intelligent world. You know, let's start scratching the surface of our potential as a life form...

But it's an uphill battle, and we're losing ground. I present this lawsuit as an example of why we can't have nice stuff and the human species is really looking more or less doomed every day, Friday the 13th or no. While it is unfortunate someone is burdened with crippling problems, wildly shooting into a crowd with the intent of picking off beneficial entities is reckless and absurd. Uphill battle indeed.

Apologies for polluting my thread with social commentary, been fighting a head cold this week and am surly and gloomy. Happy Friday!

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MKULTRA said...

Ol' William was definitely onto something in Henry The Sixth.