Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still not as far along on the wiring process as I would like, but, if I had my way I'd be able to invest all day on my projects as opposed to nibbles in the pre & post job moments. Here's a half way update to meet my self imposed 48 hour cycle...

The Autogram AC-8 base sits flush to the desk/shelf on which it's set, the idea is the wiring passes through a hole routed in the desk, which isn't an option for me. The answer? Feet. Beautiful scrap from my good friends at One Drop Design makes for serviceable elevation required to pass a loom of cables underneath the mixer.

Unfortunately, the base is bent metal, so only the front of the mixer offers the screw in option (unmodified).. a result, I simply placed more yo-yo halves to the rear of the mixer loose. Yes, I deployed the pink ones in that application.

Moving on to my 1/4" input bank, I'm installing a hard wired rear patch bay of aged Switchcraft jacks. While the holes depicted are not from the panel I'm installing, they do pose a concern over using older gear.

Never one to bow to the newer is better philosophy let's show those jacks who's boss. Pictured here is a 22 gauge cleaning brush chocked into the bit of my cordless drill.

Improvement. I will probably have to give it another pass with contact cleaner (this one was done dry)..

..but first I may need to rethink my choice of tools.

Dymo labelling, giving the appearance of completion (only the lower panel is actually soldered up). Onward and upward...

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