Thursday, February 02, 2012

Couldn't pass up an old EICO 950 I spied at a local thrift store while hunting for a modem to fix the internet. (The internet is fixed now, can't you tell?)

Been without a bridge for my bench for far too long, I understand this will also perform capacitor leakage tests at high voltage, which is nice since I have a few old caps that are in unknown condition.

Turns out the tight fitting box it is nested in is more or less correct, also included was the 950B operations manual. I wonder if this was an early B revision that was using up old faceplates, or if something else was afoot.

Thankfully the tag was fresh enough to remove with little effort, there is a bit of a patina loss where the tag was situated, but I can live with that.

I found this thread outlining a failure mode that happened to two different people, in perusing the manual I note mention of moving slowly with certain controls. I like stuff that works, so I will read, understand and heed these warnings (even if it sounds like we're looking at a design flaw of the unit).

Guts! Pretty clean work for a kit.


pearshapedhuman said...

This guy mentions something about the Heathkit having a better discharge system for dealing with Hi-V caps (right below the Heathkit IT-11 ad ) :

I bet you could mod yours with something similar.

crochambeau said...

Oh man, that's a great page! Thanks for the link. Expect to see the 388 in a day or so.. thanks again!